Spencer, the digital assistant that puts your employees first.

We help companies implement Spencer to increase employee engagement and drive the HR digital transformation.

Spencer aggregates information and actions from different systems of records into an employee-centric easy to use mobile/desktop application, streamlining workflows and assisting your workforce throughout their workday.

With Spencer in every employee’s pocket, your internal communications get’s a boost in engagement – after all, we check our phones roughly 80 times per day. Make sure everyone stays on top of important news and send out simple, quick surveys and polls. Oh, and he can also tell you what’s for lunch.





Spencer is an intelligent cloud layer that communicates with all your existing solutions.

Spencer knows his way around the block: he taps into the data from numerous industry solutions and presents the essential information and actions in a more user-friendly way.

Dowload the OnePager:

Polydigital is leading the implementation process all the way to ensure the solution meets your expectations and get you the best value without straining your own resources.


Polydigital always aims for proof of value, and ensures that Spencer gets successfully introduced to your workforce while supporting you in optimizing internal processes, driving maximum added value and employee engagement with Spencer!


Polydigital leads you through the entire implementation phase, using agile project management tools for a transparent and clear collaboration with your teams. We are with you during the modelling workshop, cold-run and pilot phase, conducting training and frequent feedback sessions.